About Us

My idea started almost ten years ago when I left Colombia for the first time ever, and I noticed that the coffee tasted different. After asking some of the people I knew, they told me that it was because it was not 100% Colombian coffee. At that moment, I started thinking about how to bring good-tasting coffee to the United States for a reasonable price. As I shared and spoke about my idea, I had plenty of people who discouraged me. They emphasized that it would not be something to accomplish easily. Those who know me personally can attest that I would use those words as encouragement to prove the value of my idea and work hard towards my goal because the things that are worth it in life do not come easy. 


I am now working with an amazing group of people from Colombia that assist small coffee farmers in improving their products and accessing better markets while providing them with the best prices. These farmers are primarily single women head of their households. We deal directly with the farmers, eliminating the brokers, to ensure they are paid directly and fairly.

This is just the beginning of a big dream, and I hope we can expand our mission to help other groups of people who need it. Join us on this journey and see how we do amazing things one bag of coffee at a time